How To Improve Your Home Security

While it’s impossible to predict when these break-ins will occur, it is possible to protect your home from them. From CCTV in El Dorado Hills, CA, to guard dogs, here are just a few ways to burglarproof your home.

  1. Keep your exterior lights on at night. When looking for potential homes to target, thieves want to go unnoticed. Lights and noises will only draw attention to their misdeeds. For that reason, lights are a great way to protect your home. Once it starts getting dark, be sure to flip the exterior lights of your home on. If you are looking for an additional level of protection, invest in motion activated lights. Then, if someone comes onto your property in the middle of the night, the lights will turn on, scaring them away and protecting your house.
  2. Invest in a security system. A sign outside your home indicating that it is protected by a security system is a great way to deter thieves from breaking in. They don’t want to deal with an alarm sounding or the police being notified. Cameras and CCTV are great ways to have eyes on your house at all times, ensuring that if someone is trying to get in, you’ll know it. From glass breaking technology to door monitors, you’ll be the first to know should someone try to target your home.
  3. Buy a puppy. While you might have told your kids that having a dog is too much work, it might be time to rethink that. If you are looking for a way to protect your home, a dog is a great option. Hearing a dog on the other side of the door is a great way to scare thieves and strangers off. They don’t know what type of dog is inside or what their temperament is. It’s been proven that hearing a dog drives burglars away and can prevent break-ins. Having a guard dog is worth the walks and bags of food if it keeps your family safe.
  4. Lock your windows and doors. Most of the time, burglars don’t break in by destroying windows or breaking down doors. Usually, they look for an unlocked access point. So, before you leave the house, be sure to check your windows and doors. This is especially important during the summer. Oftentimes, windows are left open to cool down your home. While this is great while you’re at home, be sure to close them before leaving.  Also, make sure to check every door before leaving your home. With kids coming and going, there could be one that you miss. Thieves will find any unlocked window or door and leave it to their advantage.
  5. Ditch the hidden key. While you might think that no one will find your spare key hidden underneath your favorite garden gnome, thieves are experts at tracking them down and unlocking your house. It’s best to not have a hidden key at all. If you’re worried about being locked out, leave a key with a neighbor that you trust. Then, you won’t be risking it being found by an unwanted guest.

Nowadays, having home security means peace of mind. When you know that your family is protected, you can rest easier. For that reason, it’s vitally important to take steps to protect your home from burglars. From buying a dog to CCTV in El Dorado Hills, CA, by taking measures of security, your home, family, and livelihood will all be protected.

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